Action Group at KTH for Boycott of Israel is a politically and religiously independent group of students and staff at KTH working in favour of a boycott of Israel with the purpose to end colonial occupation of Palestinian land and the violation of human rights as expressed in the UN Charter and the Geneva Convention of 1949. Boycott actions include breaking of academic ties with Israeli universities, breaking relations with professional bodies which have not disassociated themselves from Israel’s violations of human rights.

Anyone who wants to work actively for these aims is welcome to join the group. The group is not a formal part of KTH, but advocates that KTH must apply its stated ethical policy “based on democracy, people’s equal rights, human rights and a free and open discussion, equal opportunity between women and men, and rejection of all forms of discrimination” (University Board 2008-10-21).

The action group seeks cooperation with other solidarity and human rights organisation.

Contact persons:

Lina Suleiman, lina.suleiman@infra.kth.se, mobile 0704231157

Jan-Erik Gustafson, janerik@kth.se, phone 087907359