A Commitment by UK Scholars to Human Rights in Palestine

[Note: Less than 24 hours after launching this initiative, another 160 academics signed the Commitment, and the number now stands at 500 signatories (last update 00:05 28 Oct)]

On Tuesday, October the 27th 2015, the Guardian published a full page advertisement by 343 academics affiliated with UK academic institutions pledging not to cooperate with Israeli academic institutions. 

This Commitment is motivated by deep concern for Palestinians, including Palestinian academics, struggling to sustain some semblance of normal life in intractably difficult circumstances of occupation, and denial of basic human rights. Recent events have provided, once again, grim evidence of Israeli intransigence.

There is no need to feel helpless in the face of these injustices, even though they proceed with impunity due to the apathy or complicity of world powers. Academics, as well as members of civil society, have a moral and practical power which can help shift the dynamics at work in Israel’s relationship with the outside world, and strengthen moves towards equality, freedom and justice for Palestinians.

The Commitment below comes as a response to the appeal from Palestinian civil society. Academics in other countries have already signed up to similar commitments in large numbers. We believe that many people working across the university sector in the UK will wish to do likewise.

The Commitment it is not a commitment to sever contacts with individual Israeli academics. It follows the call for supportive action from Palestinian civil society in that it exclusively targets institutions.

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