Amnesty International Declares Israel an Apartheid State

After an extensive investigation, Amnesty International released a report  on 1 February 2022 officially declaring that Israel is committing apartheid against Palestinians. The report is entitled “Israel’s Apartheid against Palestinians: Cruel System of Domination and Crime against Humanity”. It concludes that the consistent demolitions of Palestinian properties, unlawful killings, forcible transfer, movement restrictions, and the denial of nationality and citizenship to Palestinians make up a system of apartheid.

AI writes: “Amnesty International has analysed Israel’s intent to create and maintain a system of oppression and domination over Palestinians and examined its key components: territorial fragmentation; segregation and control; dispossession of land and property; and denial of economic and social rights. It has concluded that this system amounts to apartheid. Israel must dismantle this cruel system and the

international community must pressure it to do so. All those with jurisdiction over the crimes committed to maintain the system should investigate them.”

Help Amnesty International and allied human rights organizations hold Israel accountable for its crimes against humanity by urging your politicians to end complicity in Israel’s crimes. Demand an immediate arms embargo on the apartheid state. In the USA contact congress e.g. Amnesty International’s report is not the first to conclude that Israel is an apartheid state. Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem alxso called out Israeli apartheid

as did Human Rights Watch, Israel must be held accountable for its crime of apartheid against Palestinians.

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Mazin Qumsiyeh

Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director Palestine Museum of Natural History

Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability

Bethlehem University Occupied Palestine