Israeli settler soldiers kill two young Palestinians students in Hebron and Khursa/Dura

By Jan-Erik Gustafsson*

The morning 22 of September 18-year-old Hadil Hashlamoun was shot several times by Israeli soldiers when she was going to her school as she approached a checkpoint in Hebron. The soldiers claimed she was going to pull a knife out of her bag. She was left on the pavement for 40 minutes as she bled to death, while an ambulance was kept at bay, and Israeli soldiers and settlers stood around, some smiling and laughing.

Hours earlier, Diyaa Abdulhalim Talahmah, 21, studying at Al-Quds University East Jerusalem in the final year of Engineering studies, and he was one of the most talented student that  have a speech power for Palestine and justice in the name of all Palestinians, was killed by the Israeli army during a raid in the West Bank village of Khursa/Dura.

These shootings come just days after Israel loosened even further its already lax permission to its forces to use live ammunition against Palestinians. From now on also Palestinians throwing stones on the occupation soldiers might be sentenced to four years in prison or more.

And that’s what the Palestinian used to have this terrible situation two days before the Muslim Feast day.

This also happens when European political leaders are occupied by a severe refugee crisis. In a call in the Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter 4 September the present Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and earlier prime ministers together with the main Swedish industrialists of the Wallenberg family confess themselves to fight human rights violations and protect all people’s equal rights.

But this statement is not valid for the Israeli occupation of Palestine were refugees have been ousted from their native villages since 1948. Where is the justice?


Lamis Qdemat

Linnaeus-Palme student from Al Quds University at KTH


Jan-Erik Gustafsson is coordinator Linnaeus-Palme exchange program between Al Quds University and KTH